Fratelli introduction

Fratelli Grupi OÜ is domestic based company that started its manufacturing in 1998. Company´s main focus is manufacture of furnishings for hotels, cafe-bars, museums, theaters, offices, shops.

In our products we use materials which are accordance with international standards. Our factory is equipped with modern machines complying with European standards. We use our 20 year experience in the manufacturing of furniture.

We offer interior design and assembly services, for which we have extensive experience. We happily work together with interior designers.

Our custom made furniture can be found in Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania. In the are of commercial furnishings we have been manufacturing furniture for electronics, toys, jewelery, clothing and home furnishings stores.

Technological innovation and product development ensure the development of the company to achieve customer satisfaction. We satisfy our customers every need by producing and installing high-quality solutions for you at the agreed time. You can be sure of us.

Contact us and ask for more information! We help you find the solutions for your needs.

Meie töö poliitika.


We provide our customers with the best solutions and alternatives. Our activities are based on the needs and expectations of our customers and our goal is to prove the best and fastest customer service.


We guarantee quality and we are fully responsible. In every process our target is 0 defects and fulfillment of delivery time.


Company´s management sets goals and achieves continuous improvements throughout it. All employees are continuously trained to ensure our high standards.


We only use materials and technologies which are environmentally friendly and have minimum effect on our environment. We pay close attention to the improvement of the working environment and employees safety.